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The Metric range of connectors are circular multipin threaded coupling connectors designed and manufactured as per JSS 50860. These connectors are mainly used in tanks, aircrafts and military vehicles which are based on the Russian design.

The Allied Russian/Metric range is qualified by LCSO (Electronic Components Standards Organisation- Ministry of Defence, Government of India).

The features of the Allied Metric/Russian range are as follows:

  • HOUSING: Aluminium alloy to provide high mechanical strength while ensuring light weight
  • SURFACE FINISH: Standard finish is olive drab chromate over cadmium, for corrosion resistance and use in extreme operating condition
  • INSULATOR: Standard insulator material is Polychloroprene, which provides high degree of insulation resistance, dielectric strength, ability to withstand shock, impact and vibration. The new insulator material now available is hard glass-filled phenolic (BK) which is as per specific new equipment requirements (contact us for further details).
  • CONTACTS: Copper base alloy - silver plated. These offer excellent conductivity under severe service conditions with minimum loss or discontinuity of current even in dynamic applications.