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Railway Connectors

Allied is a leading manufacturer of ruggedized circular connectors for the rail market. As rail equipment becomes more intelligent, we work with our customers from prototype design to mass production to solve connectivity challenges both within and outside trains.

We offer a wide range of internationally compatible connectors for railway locomotives of different origins - diesel as well as electric. Applications include locomotive control systems, safety systems, communication systems, signalling systems, air-conditioning systems, critical braking systems, amongst many others.

Featured Product Range:

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  • Can be supplied with halogen free/low smoke toxicity insulators which are tested and certified as per various international rail fire safety standards
  • Highly ruggedized Bayonet coupling connectors which are easy to use for all types of control/command applications
  • Usually supplied with gold plated crimp termination contacts to optimise high volume assembly, and to provide reliable long-term electrical performance in both in-car and undercarriage applications
  • Customised contact termination sizes to suit customer specific cables
  • Audible and tactile indication of mating, a crucial feature in difficult-to-access areas
  • The series is built around 12 shell sizes, with various power/signal contact possibilities
  • Specific design features ensure high vibration resistance and significantly enhanced endurance (2000+ mating cycles)
  • Can be provided with a wide range of custom/standard backshell options to suit various cable options, and to provide a high degree of ingress protection in under-carriage applications.
  • Overmoulded coupling nuts available as a special customised option to improve ease of mating and overall ruggedness of the connector.