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All our connector ranges are available with a complete range of standard/customised accessories to provide our customers with a one stop solution.

The extensive range of connector applications and usage conditions necessitates a wide range of accessories to suit specific needs. A brief glimpse of the accessories manufactured by us:

1) Backshells: Based on the type and size of cable being used, the IP rating required, and the overall usage conditions; each connector can be used with a variety of backshells for cable termination. These include :

  • 360 degree EMI/RFI shielded backshells
  • Backshells for heat shrink boot termination
  • Backshells to suit metal/nylon PG or metric thread glands
  • Backshells to suit flex conduits
  • Backshells to suit wire looms
  • Backshells to suit overmoulded cables

2) Dust Caps: Metallic dust caps provide moisture and dust ingress protection to both cable plug and panel mount connectors when not in use. Key features :

  • Machined from solid Aluminium for reliable field performance
  • Available in 5 different plating finishes (ROHS/REACH compliant versions available)
  • Backshells to suit metal/nylon PG or metric thread glandsc) Supplied with stainless steel chains as standard, but can be provided with a variety of attachments to suit specific user requirements (nylon ropes, bead chains, cable holders etc)

3) Gaskets: Allied offers two broad types of gaskets, based on the usage requirements :

  • Polychloroprene gaskets : These gaskets are used to seal the mating surfaces of the connector and the mounting panel
  • Conductive gaskets: These gaskets ground the connector shell to provide EMI/RFI protection. Available in two versions (silver-filled or Alu-Flex); we recommend using these gaskets with 360 degree EMI/RFI shielded cable plug connectors

4) Mounting Plates : Standard panel mount connectors are securely fastened to a panel by means of 4 screws, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts. These can often be misplaced or dropped during connector assembly. Allied offers* stainless steel mounting plates fitted with captive self locking nuts, which greatly optimise the time taken for connector assembly. *available in select shell sizes, please consult factory

5) Crimp Kit: For all high volume connector use cases, we recommend the use of crimp termination contacts. To provide an integrated assembly solution, we offer a customised “kit” which contains all necessary tooling and turrets to crimp Allied contacts. To order, please request for part number “AEC CRIMP KIT” .For more details, please Click here