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MG Connectors

The Allied MG range of connectors are made as per Indian MIL specification JSS 50815, which is equivalent to NATO standard VG95234. These are interchangeable with the MIL C 5015 MS Connectors as they have the same panel mount dimensions and contact arrangements, but not intermateable.

The coupling mechanism involves cam shaped grooves on the receptacle and corresponding rivets on the plug coupling nut, with only a 120 deg. turn required to achieve coupling, which is also aided by an audible ‘click’ and a tactile indication.

Apart from applications which require quick coupling, MG connectors are used for their high resistance to vibration over and above that which is offered by threaded coupling connectors. These can resist connector decoupling in even the most rugged of applications.

The MGR range has an additional wave spring and flat washer in the coupling nut, and stainless steel wear pin on the receptacle to give enhanced coupling/uncoupling performance and even better resistance to vibration.

These connectors are qualified by LCSO (Electronic Components Standards Organisation- Ministry of Defence, Government of India).

The other main specifications of the MG/MGR range are similar to those of the MS range:

  • HOUSING: Aluminium alloy to provide high mechanical strength while ensuring light weight.
  • SURFACE FINISH: Standard finish is olive drab chromate over cadmium, for corrosion resistance and use in extreme operating condition. Also available are RoHS compliant finishes Nickel, Zinc Cobalt (Black), Zinc Cobalt (Green).
  • INSULATOR: Standard insulator material is Polychloroprene, which provides high degree of insulation resistance, dielectric strength, ability to withstand shock, impact and vibration. Options include Silicon, Viton, and a flame-retardant halogen-free compound which has properties of low smoke and non-toxicity.
  • CONTACTS:Copper base alloy - silver (or gold) plated, available in a range of current ratings from 10 amps to 150 amps. These offer excellent conductivity under severe service conditions with minimum loss or discontinuity of current even in dynamic applications. Both solder and crimp terminations are available.
  • Large array of over 100 insert arrangements in 13 shell sizes for power, signal, and combinations of power and signal pin configurations are available for a variety of applications.
  • Other features include provision of grounding pins, EMI - RFI shielding, Adapters that can accept International PG cable glands (PG and metric), screw termination and PCB tail contacts in select sizes, etc. SEE CUSTOMISED PRODUCTS